A huge thank you goes out to everybody that supported us in our first annual fundraiser this past September. Your kindness means the world to us.

Our Program donors- A Crucial part of our organization.

Linda Postma-Wikkerink – Women’s Self Defense Classes, Women’s Taekwondo Class

Linda has been training at Iron Fist, a martial arts academy, for approximately 15 years. She has a black belt in Taekwondo. She has participated and helped lead numerous self defence workshops. Linda is passionate about empowering women to develop strategies and learn ways to defend and protect themselves and their families. 

Aly Raposo – Women’s Mental Wellness: Isolation Can Be A Beautiful Thing

Aly Raposo received her Bachelor’s degree at the University of Manitoba in 2018. During the past few years, Aly has worked tirelessly to advocate for mental health and has been an invited speaker, facilitator, and a researcher in this field. Within Aly’s new career, she has been able to create partnerships and build bridges between mental health services and the community. 

Christina Hiebert - Backpack Chronicles: Mental Health and Healing within Nature

Christina Hiebert is a Winnipeg-based outdoors woman, creative writer, and community builder. She has taken to the trails to hike and backpack her way to improved mental health and writes a blog devoted to the outdoors and mental health. She brings women together to grow their outdoors skills together. As a mental health advocate, she encourages women to spend time in the outdoors as part of their holistic approach to mental wellness.

Leanne Rajotte – Cardio Fusion with Leanne

Leanne Rajotte is a Manitoba Fitness Council certified Group Fitness and Step Instructor and soon to be Resistance Training too. She also hold s certifications in Drums Alive. She has been teaching fitness classes for 6 years and has loved every minute of it. Leanne loves being able to bring so much to her students but truly loves the energy that they give back to her.

Christina Reinke – Getting Unstuck Workshop

Christina Reinke is a one-on-one life coach/consultant who helps over-achievers and people-pleasers navigate life’s transitions with less self-judgment and doubt, but with more clarity and courage.

Sarah Hauch – Intuition Training Workshop

Sarah Hauch has built a spiritual healing practice across Canada from her training at the Modern Mystery School. She owned one of the largest healing centres in Toronto, and has opened a second building in Winnipeg. Sarah travels to cities all across the country constantly. She helps her clients find their inner peace, find empowerment, and find their purpose.

Luisa - Empowering Mini Makeover Lesson

Luisa is a pro makeup artist and managing partner for Aura Hair Group. She works at their St. Vital location.

Katherine Magne – Stitching Your Story with Winnipeg Sews

Katherine is passionate about bringing the slow fashion movement to more people by making sewing more accessible and fun. Sewing can be isolating, so bringing people into a welcoming Winnipeg Sews community is paramount to success. 

Allie DePaulo – Spa Night of Self Care

Allie started Thrive Fitness in 2011 so that she could bring fun and fitness to the people she loves and admires in the community of Springfield, Manitoba. That's exactly why she became certified Zumba instructors and CanFitPro Fitness Instructor Specialists -- to provide her own community with exciting and cutting edge exercise programs -- without having to drive to the city! She wants to create a new "country style fitness" where everyone in Springfield and surrounding area are boogying together and setting the bar high for the experience of dance, fitness, yoga, core strength and so much more!

Jesse Rodgers – Yoga in the Park

Jesse Rodgers is a 200 hour certified yoga teacher from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Her training was Hatha style yoga, which blends together aspects of vinyasa flow with more restorative/yin yoga and Jesse enjoys introducing creative flows, movements, and transitions into her sequencing. Her main goals is to make all students feel comfortable, welcome, and let them know that if anything doesn’t feel good, to modify or skip it. She makes her classes accessible to all levels of yogis, but had the most experience teaching beginners. She is a mindful and intuitive teacher who brings aspects of meditation, breathwork, and positive mindset to the physical practice.

Craig Heisinger – Mental Health Matters – In Conversation with Craig Heisinger

Craig Heisinger is the Assistant General Manager and Director of Hockey Operations for the Winnipeg Jets as well as General Manager of the Manitoba Moose and Senior Vice President of True North Sports and Entertainment. Throughout the year, Craig Heisinger is invited to speak at various schools, workshops, and events in honour of Rick Rypien. Rypien was a former member of the Manitoba Moose and Winnipeg Jets who battled with depression. Heisinger stood by and showed great belief in his good friend throughout his struggles.

Manny Saini – Mastermind your Health and Manage Stress

Dr. Manny Saini is a chiropractor and also the author of a blog called Chiro By Day. She is passionate about healthy living and wellness. Her goal is to be able to provide resources and tools to help people make positive changes to their health to help them live their best lives.

Keziah Toews - Conflict Resolution Styles and Management/ Forgiveness

Keziah Toews is a Conflict Resolution university student who has led our group in discussion around conflict styles and management and led a discussion on the topic of forgiveness.

Rising Strong- Karina Walker

Rising Strong offers interactive workshops for individuals to build confidence and self-esteem; unleashing their full potential to become future successors in their communities. 

Professional Development- Debra Danco

Burlesque Fusion Dance Class- Meagan Funk

Meagan began teaching women upbeat Burlesque Fusion dance classes that aimed to inspire confidence and positivity, and with that, Prairie Diva was born. She formed an all-female professional dance troupe (M. Funk Dance Productions) that performs at events throughout Winnipeg.