Our Volunteer Team


Sara Usman Co-Founder, President and Director

Sara is the co-founder of The Shameless Circle. Having experienced chronic shame in her life, she decided to use her experience to help other women. She recently completed her Masters in Educational Leadership.  Sara takes pride in volunteering her time to help support the community. She is also the mom of two beautiful kids.


Sofie Treble Social Media Relations

Sofie is currently a Glenlawn Collegiate student. She has taken part in her school’s musical theatre props crew and is currently a part of the Ignite team, which is a group of students that produce the school’s creative arts book. Over the past year she has volunteered at different organizations and events.

“I feel deeply connected to the Shameless Circle because I feel very strongly about the views and values of the organization. Being a part of the Shameless Circle is important to me because it gives me an opportunity to support women who are experiencing unnecessary shame in their lives. Therefore, I can actually make a difference in an issue I feel strongly about”


Keziah Toews Programs & Promotions Lead, Director


Keziah Toews studies Conflict Resolution at the University of Winnipeg with a focus on community health. She cares deeply about the effects of shame, how it can be used, and the power it can have over people in their communities. When she is not studying Conflict Resolution, she works as the Programs and Promotions Manager at The Shameless Circle, a position she takes pride in.


Mandy Smith Empower Me Fund Lead

Mandy Smith is the proud mother of five children. Having worked in the social services field for the past 16 years, her professional and personal interests lie in working with others to build stronger communities, and promote equality and opportunity for all.  Mandy is passionate about women's empowerment and is delighted to have the opportunity to be involved as a volunteer with the Shameless Circle. "It brings me so much pride and joy to see women coming together to learn from each other and to lift each other up."


Archie Milcharek Treasurer and Director


 Archie  joined  when the board was  formed and fills the treasurer role. He also provides support for events and IT.  Archie has  participated on Company  United Way Committees  in the past.   Archie is a project manager with a construction management company that works throughout Western Canada.  


Angela Ciceron Team Branding

Angela Ciceron is currently pursuing an Arts degree at the University of Manitoba in Global Political Economy. She also works as an intern for OMundial, a Portuguese newspaper in Winnipeg. 

"As a person of colour and as a woman, I have experienced situations wherein people push negative stereotypes onto me for those aspects of my identity alone. Thus, working for the Shameless Circle allows me to empower women, as well as the people who surround them, to escape the shame found in situations such as these."


Francis Arevalo Team Branding

Francis is a Nursing student at the University of Manitoba. He's always been passionate about advocating and empowering others and works within the inner city to provide support to vulnerable groups. He also works part time as a Constituency Assistant to an MLA - working closely with his community and the city to provide assistance to those in need.


Madison Godoski Secretary

 Madison is a Conflict Resolution Studies major at the University of Winnipeg. “I’ve always felt passionately about helping others. I believe that every woman deserves to be empowered. I love to be a part of the Shameless Circle where I can support women and be a part of changing their lives.” 


Laura Malmquist Volunteer


Laura is currently completing her management development and human resource management certificates via Red River College, previous to which she studied psychology at the University of Manitoba.

Laura is passionate about volunteering and actively involved in initiatives which include Event Chair for the 2020 Defeat Depression Run for the Mood Disorder Society of Canada and a Chair member of the Women Against MS.

Laura says her most important role is being a mom to two amazing kids.

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