Grief affects all of us. Here at The Shameless Circle we acknowledge grief's multidimensional existence in emotional, physical, spiritual, cognitive, cultural and behavioural contexts. We recognize its importance in life and we're here to help you on your path through it. As a part of the Grief Interagency Network here in Manitoba, we feel that it is important to reach out to our participants in a spirit of support.

The resources below are provided to you by Palliative Manitoba and is filled with wonderful local professionals who offer their services free of charge. You are more than welcome to use this page to your benefit. 


Need to reach out? Use the Central Hub of Grief Support Services in Manitoba.

A & O: Support Services for Older Adults

Support Group and Individual Counselling: Jamie Kinaschuk


200-260 Smith Street, Winnipeg, MB

Arborg Christian Fellowship

Support Group, Individual Counselling, Phone Support: Linda Gerritsen


PO Box 676

Brandon & Area Suicide Bereavement Support Group

Support Group, Education Materials: Kim Hyndman-Moffat


Unit 1, 217- 10th St. Brandon, MB

Camp Stepping Stones

Grief Camp: Sandra Milotte


Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority

Canadian Virtual Hospice

Education Materials, Online Support or Forums: Marissa Ambalina


1 Morley Avenue, Winnipeg, MB

Cancer Chat Canada

Education Materials, Online Support or Forums: Liz Konigshaus

1-844-725-2476 or 416-634-8578

CancerCare Manitoba

Individual Counseling: Elizabeth Payne


675 McDermot, Winnipeg, MB

Education Materials, Online Support or Forums, Phone Support: Jean Quintero


100 Se Third Ave, Suite 1800, Winnipeg, MB

Good Neighbors Active Living Centre

Support Group: Ellen Jacobs


720 Henderson Highway, Winnipeg, MB

Jewish Child and Family Service

Support Group: Shelley Levit


200-123 Doncaster Street, Winnipeg, MB

Klinic Community Health

Support Group, Individual Counseling, Education Materials, Online Support or Forums, Phone Support: Lori Grant


870 Portage Ave. Winnipeg, MB

Manitoba Assisted Dying Team

Support Group, Individual Counselling, Education Materials, Phone Support: Tanis Newsham (Psychosocial Program Specialist)

204-926-1380 or 204-926-1392

200 B 1001 Corydon Ave. Winnipeg, MB

Misericordia Health Centre

Individual Counselling, Education Materials: Joan Crabtree, Spiritual Health Services


99 Cornish Ave. Winnipeg, MB

North End Womens Centre

Support Group, Individual Counselling, Phone Support: Tracy


394 Selkirk Ave. Winnipeg, MB

Palliative Manitoba

Support Group, Individual Counseling, Phone Support: Mike Goldberg


2109 Portage Ave. Winnipeg, MB 

Parkinson Canada

Support Group, Education Materials, Online Support or Forums, Phone Support: Donna Greening, Community Development Coordinator

204-786-2637 or 1-800-565-3000

7 - 414 Westmount Drive. Winnipeg, MB 

Spiritual Health Services, Health Sciences Centre

Individual Counseling, Education Materials, Phone Support: Ruth Ross & Daniel Barclay


820 Sherbrook St. Winnipeg, MB 

The Compassionate Friends

Support Group, Phone Support: Marcheta Tanner


685 William Avenue, Winnipeg, MB

The Shameless Circle

Support Group, Phone Support: Sara Usman

(431) 305-6188

823 Ellice Avenue, Winnipeg, MB

Youville Centre (St. Vital)

Individual Counseling: Cesar and Joe


6-845 Dakota Street, Winnipeg, MB