What is the Empower Me Fund?

We are super excited to launch The Shameless Circle’s ‘Empower Me Fund’. 

As you all know, our first annual fundraising dinner is on September 14, 2019, with some amazing guest speakers in attendance. All funds collected from this event will go directly through our Empower Me Fund to go towards helping women in need. 

How does the Empower Me Fund Work?

Our fund works as a one-time, step up tool, through which women can apply for financial support. When the applicant is selected through our needs-based system, their need will be addressed by the Empower Me Fund. This can mean assistance for any empowering thing, from college application fund assistance to access to mental wellness resources.

While we invest in our participants financially, we recognize that money can't solve issues at the core. This is why we provide programming that builds community and self-esteem. Any service that helps a woman feel empowered and provides them with a sense of community, is something we strive to provide here at The Shameless Circle.


We all know that overcoming hard times in life can be really challenging. We want to ensure women that we are here to help them along this journey, by not only providing them with funds but also providing them with a much needed support system. For this, we are actively seeking mentors to help support and guide women who are leaving abusive relationships or other traumatic experiences.


We encourage you to pass this information to anyone you think might be able to benefit from such a fund or a business owner/organization, who would be willing to help support this initiative by donating their services or time.



The Shameless Circle Team

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Please note: This fund will be launched in October 2019. To know more about this fund, apply or to find out how you can help us grow this fund, please contact our Empower Me Fund team, Laura, Mandy and Debra at