Empowering Women through Community Building

Eliminating shame through support, empowerment and community

The Shameless Circle was founded last year and since its inception has received an overwhelming response. 

The Shameless Circle is a volunteer led healing circle for women aimed to end stigma around shaming women for standing up for themselves and their children. We provide a safe space for women who suffer from isolation and are seeking a sense of community. We come together as a group every Sunday and engage participants in meaningful, self empowering, free activities that helps them regain their sense of community and belonging

Our goal is to continue providing free programming for women and kids to help them build a community of their own. We believe in making a difference for all women in need. From a free hair cut to self-defence - Our organization is committed to helping women overcome barriers and get the help they need to empower themselves. We believe in equality and equity, and take pride in calling ourselves a volunteer community organization. 


What's New


We launched our new campaign to spread awareness about the illegal sharing of intimate images. It affects everybody. 

How Can I Join?


It's simple- anyone can join! Sign up for our sessions either through facebook or here in the contact us section. We love working with everybody, be it in setting and pursuing goals, building personal skills, or just plain getting to know each other.

What's Coming Up?


We're working on our Grief Support resources- we have wonderful professionals who have generously offered their services free of charge. Thankyou!

Empower Me Fund


Our Empower Me Fund is designed to help women and their families on a needs-basis. Click on the button below for more information and how to donate!

Past Events


Running a holiday sale or weekly special? Definitely promote it here to get customers excited about getting a sweet deal.

Our Sponsors


Our sponsors make amazing things happen with their generous donations of financial support, time, and knowledge. Thankyou!

Want to help?

As we are a volunteer led community organization, we solely rely on donations and sponsors from individuals and organizations.  

Monetary sponsorships are gratefully accepted and support The Empower Me Fund.

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Our Policies

It's important to us that we deliver culturally and socially sensitive appropriate services.